Archimede aveva un sacco di tempo libero

Bruno Codenotti and Claudia Flandoli – Sironi editore, 2016
This is a book on infinity, one of the most fascinating mathematical concepts, but also one of the most difficult. In fact we often use the word “infinity” improperly, just to highlight the idea of a huge number: this confusion between infinity and very large numbers is rooted in mathematical history: some of the most notorious scientists, such as Phytagoras, Archimedes, Galileo and Gauss, all struggled with this. Indeed they needed tools that would not be developed until later. Dealing with this concept only became possible in the XIX century, thanks to the German mathematician Georg Cantor and his development of set theory.
The written work by Bruno Codenotti takes us on a journey that starts from the finite and reaches the hierarchy of different infinities discovered by Cantor, while Claudia’s comic strips aid comprehension and involvement through a parallel histoire d’amour.

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