sunday afternoon

Creative Reaction    |   Pint of Science 2016   |   Cambridge

Since the beginning of human history technology is something that changes our way of living. Nowadays we live in a global world thanks to common devices that allow us to chat in real time with people from another continent, share a video with all our social networks and many more. However, all these communications are still “cold”: we have a screen between us and our contacts, we need to interact with a keyboard and to be surrounded by our physical environment while we speak with our friends through video-chats.

Is virtual reality going to give us another way to communicate with people who live far from us? Will our capability of experiencing empathy and compassion improve thanks to it? Will computer vision systems help us take care of our beloved ones?

Ho scritto questo fumetto per il Creative Reaction, un evento collaterale a Pint of Science a Cambridge.

Ero stata assegnata a Jem Davies, il Vice President of Technology alla ARM e fellow di ARM. Il suo intervento parlava di machine learning, realtà virtuale e di come le macchine possono imparare come devono comportarsi grazie all’ambiente in cui si trovano. Il mio fumetto immagina un possibile scenario futuro, in cui i progressi della tecnologia possono aiutare le persone ad essere più vicine le une con le altre.

This is the comic I made for the Creative Reaction Event (within Pint of Science 2016 – Cambridge).

The speaker I was paired with is Jem Davies, Vice President of Technology at ARM and ARM Fellow. His speech was about machine learning, virtual reality and how devices can learn to behave from their surrounding. My Creative Reaction is a short novel that aims to imagine how these progresses in technology could help us to improve our sense of community.